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탭 브라우저로 유명한 Maxthon이 4월 29일에 새로운 베타 버전인 버전을 발표한 이후 5월 6일자로 버전을 내놓았다. 베타 2 버전이다.

Maxthon 2.1.0 다운로드 페이지로 가기

2.0.8 버전부터 인터넷 익스플로러의 IE 툴바 및 확장 기능을 지원하기 시작하였고, 이번 버전의 가장 큰 특징은 플러그인 바(plugin bar)가 없어진 점이다.

2.0.9 버전 이후로 달라진 이번 버전의 주요 개선 사항은 아래와 같다.

* redesigned web toolbar
* fixed address bar slow redraw problem when tab change
* fixed external tools and plugin buttons tooltip problem
* fixed an address bar icon drawing problem
* fixed problem that dropdown button may not work when toolbars are locked
* fixed a focus problem of the Block Page Content toolbar
* fixed a notification display problem of Maxthon Downloader status bar button
* fixed a gdi leak of undo menu
* fixed problem that Super MSA site list cannot be edited
* fixed a slow interface problem if favorites contain intranet sites
* fixed text display problem when web toolbar is reset
* fixed problem that some tabs cannot be closed
* fixed a https site favicon display problem

* fixed Last Visited Pages tab always open problem
* fixed some ajax not working problems
* fixed a flash related blank page problem
* improved performance when several tabs are opened at the same time
* fixed a "memory cannot read" problem when Maxthon is closed

* fixed upload user data crash problem when online favorites is disabled
* fixed crash problem when checking url of non-exist local page
* fixed problem of repeated bug dialog after improper shutdown
* fixed problem that new tab may be blocked due to magic fill form save dialog
* status bar date/time display uses the same format as system tray
* changed sniffer notification to "Show Notify icon in Address Bar"

[Maxthon Downloader]
* added unicode support
* added option not to activate download tab
* changed order of download task list
* fixed a task list display problem

[Shortcut/Mouse Gesture]
* fixed problem that scroll page/down, scroll to top/bottom sometimes may not work
* fixed problem that right Alt key sometimes not work
* fixed problem that saving form by mouse gesture may not work

* fixed problem that HTMLbutton plugin in webtoolbar cannot be dragged under customize...

[Webpage Sniffing]
* fixed problem that when a RSS is subscripted, the remaining RSS are not shown

* support filtering xsl document
* fixed problem that some text filter entries may not show in filter log
* fixed a content filter whitelist problem

가급적 사용하던 버전은 깨끗하게 삭제(uninstall)하고 새로 설치하여 사용하는 것이 좋다.

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